The f.lli Volpato firm was founded with the prospect of building wood processing tool machines


The first Trimming machine for curved panels and the pneumatic vinyl glue were built.


The firm, which built the first manual edging machine for straight and curved panels, was constitued


The machine line for pre-glued edges was developed


The single-side edging machine was designed and built, developing new handy technological system and meeting the requirements of the customers that range over the handcraft field up to the worldwide furniture industry


The Smart serie was produced, economic and versatile line


The new serie Rapid RX Wa presented, where are contIained some units highly innovated


The fravol change the market with a universal glue pot group and pre-heating for PUR and EVA glue (patented) 5 in 1


The Fravol launches in world preview the work group (patented) of markers for edges in aluminium, without use of abrasive brushes and edges sanders.


For the exhibition in Milan Xylexpo the Fravol introduces the automatic line of changes formed edgejob in 12 seconds Aces interpolated CN both on trimming unit and on scraping unit


The Fravol increase the height of job of the Serie Rapid RX to 120 mm, finding an unexpected success and dragging for the next time the market


During the Ligna Exhibition, Fravol introduces the possibility to use three different types of glue (EVA, PUR and polyolefin)


Fravol patented the new universal multifunctional tool that allows you to perform all the rays


At Milano Xylexpo exhibition, Fravol introducesthe first monolateral edge bander with SHUGOMA system on for laser edges. In the same year the firm won the first prize for innovation and technology at AWISA, Sydney


Fravol presents the FAST S600-23 in the entry level machine segment with a working height of 60mm


the FAST serie is completed with the arrival of 600-23 FULL ACES combined with multifunction tool


Fravol introduces the new SMART S-EVO with H60 mm series machining. Unique in its category


in this year Fravol obtained two patents on the MASTER serie: the “long life tool” and a new rounding unit the works and the same time as cutting unit, saving space


Fravol sets off-the-rack pre-milling unit tools with interchangeable inserts on its machines and offers the possibilities of ask the “long life tools” on demand