FRAVOL is a company specialized in the design and construction of standard and special edgebanding machines

On  customer  request,  we menage  feasibility studies and  tests  bydeveloping  new  technologies  in synergy





Fravol, in collaboration with Jowat has developed a unique glue spreading system.

In all edge banding machines Fravol it is possible to use 3 different types of glue:


The Polyolefin glue has excellent technical features:

HEAT RESISTANCE: It meets high heat resistance requirements (e.g. kitchen furniture) due to a higher melting range at over 100 °C

HIGH YIELD: The considerably reduced density of polyolefin hot melt adhesives facilitates low application amounts

ZERO BONDLINE: The transparent appearance of the adhesive in the melt coupled with low application amounts facilitate a virtually invisible adhesive joint (“zero-bondline”)

STABILITY: PO hot melt adhesives have a superior thermal oxidation stability which reduces the risk of charring and leads to considerably longer cleaning intervals

Patent SYNCRO Plus Unit 


The Syncro Plus Unit is the evolution of the existing Corner Rounding Unit. The innovation consists in the combination of the end cutting function with the rounding function using a special multifunction tool.

In addition to the flash cut it is possibile to curry out round corners with radius 1 mm to 3 mm

Thanks to this solution patent by Fravol, made it possible to eliminate one working unit – end trim unit – and generating a new line of edgebanding machines. 

All corner machining is performed AUTOMATICALLY by new SYNCRO PLUS UNIT


SAP Management System

Since 2009 the entrepreneur vision has introduced a significant implementation of the managagement platforms taking up a big challenge for a small size company.

The architecture of the management system allows the company to precisely and efficiently manage the entire company process, from order receipt to production planning machine construction and despatch.

The continuous exchange of information between the WEB CRM, SAP management system and Inventor’s 3D CAD is the real strong point. The purchase orders managed with automated production flow in the various stages of progress and it allows continuous control of the supply chain process and precise control of the costs. The company has therefore laid the foundations for taking further steps in digital and 4.0 perspective


Free Call Service

Customers who purchased a new or a second hand Fravol edgebander can benefit from the on-line support service or both telephone and e-mail assistance.

Because Fravol cares about direct contact with its customers and cares about its machines.

This service can also provide technical support to operators to get several information about materials encourages the use of the machine and provides practical maintenance advice.



Patent SINGLE Tool for all Profiles

Fravol optimizes the set-up of all types of edges using a single tool for all profiles

Universal multifunctional tool: 

– for trimming with flat profile at 0°

– all radius from 1 mm to 3 mm of thikness

– 30° for laminate and paper