Fravol has a story that lasts for more than sixty years. Everything begun in 1957 when the company started the production of woodworking machines as “Fratelli Volpato”.
Since than, we’ve come a long way, but the only thing that today stays is the ambition which sets us apart. First of all, our Mission has always been meeting our customers’ needs, creating customized products, which are scalable to everyone’s necessities.

Quality of the materials used, products’ precision, technologic innovation, technical assistance and customer service are all must-have values which strongly belong to our storytelling. Consequently they have made Fravol as a success company worldwide.

There is still a long way to go, probably full of challenges. What is our secret? Run fast! Pursue the innovation that market seeks and let others follow us.

“We have a great future ahead of us, which for Fravol means keep in innovation, find new ideas and develop the known ones. We have so much dreams, a lot of hunches set aside for now, but we have most of all – and this is essential – the urge and the power to make all of them come true!”


Andrea Volpato