Privacy 4.0

European regulation UE 2016/679 GDPR 


From 25 May 2018 shall enter into force the new European regulation for the protection of privacy, named GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This is a veritable revolution in terms of rights and obligations for all companies, institutions and users about sensitive data and privacy.

Among the main news there are the “Clear Request of consensus”(art.7), the establishment of an “Activity Log”(art. 30), the “Breach notification within 72h”(art.33) and the introduction of “Data Protection Officer” DPO(art. 37).

DPO will begin his work on Friday 25, the appointment obligation falls to both public administration and private.

Art. 37 provides the application perimeter too;   is obliged to the appointment everyone “manages large-scale sensitive and legal data or everyone’s activity requiring the systematic and regular managing of people who have shared their personal information”.

Fravol also has transposed the European regulation by starting the adjustment process with several activities that will improve the security system and the protection of employees and customer’s personal data.

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PRIVACY POLICY – Information about data process. Informational document within the meaning and for the purpose of Article GDPR UE/2016/679, EX 13-14, D.Lgs 30 June 2003 n.196

Fravol Export srl as the holder of his personal data process, within the meaning and for the purpose of Reg. UE 2016/679, hereby informs you that the above mentioned legislation provides for the protection of stakeholders about the personal data process and that, this process, will be based on the principles of correction, lawfulness, transparency and the protection of your privacy and rights.
Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the above mentioned legislation requirements and the confidentiality rules expected.  
Modality of data processing
I Data process is carried out, both on paper and on digital support, by means of electronics or automatics instruments, in compliance with the current legislation, in particular as regards the privacy and security in accordance with the principles of correction, lawfulness, transparency and the protection of user’s rights. The holder itself, the attendings and everyone is in charge, performs the process.
Communication and dissemination
Your data may be communicated to the following groups (within the limits strictly relevant to the obligations and in compliance with the current legislation):

  • Public Bodies (INPS, INAIL, Work Provincial Directorate, Tax Offices);
  • Professional or Service Companies for administration and management who work for us;
  • Founds or Private Sources of pension or assistance;
  • Assurance companies;
  • Banks;
  • rade Union organization to whom you gave a mandate;
  • Additional Founds.

Special personal data may be communicated to the following groups:
– External companies for data-processing;
– Trade Union organization to whom you gave a mandate;
– To medical or healthcare professionals (in accordance with the obligations about health and safety at work).

Personal data will not be disseminate in any way.
Data transfer
Personal data are stored on corporate or third parties ‘server and located in the European Union. Company shall ensure to inform the stakeholder if any transfer is expected.
Personal data storage time
Data will be stored for a maximum of two years, except those which need to be stored for a much longer period in compliance with the legislation obligations.
Stakeholder’s rights
Stakeholder shall exercise its rights provided for the article 15-22, in any moment, towards the Holder.
In any moment, he will have the right to ask:

  • The access to his personal data;
  • Their removal;
  • Their correction in case of inaccuracy;
  • The limitation of their processing.

He also have:

  • The right to oppose the process if the data are processed in order to achieve a self-interest of the one who acts, if he considers breached his rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • The right to withdraw, in any time, his consensus when it is necessary;
  • I The right to receive his data in a structured format, customary and machine-readable.

Data Holder: Fravol Export srl Via Niedda, 6 – 35010 Vigonza (PD)