Master M 200-23 Plus – Full CNC Controlled

is the first CNC edge banding machine with pre-milling, corner rounding and glue scraper units that does all the operations in just 3.5m length.

This edgebander allows the operator to change the edge fully automatically in less than 30 seconds!

Main advantages:

Here are the main advantages of the Master M 200-23 Plus – Full CNC:


  • fully electronic machine
  • customizable programs
  • works with a speed of 9m per minute
  • great simplicity of use
  • ideal for craftsmen

Technical highlights:

  • Touch screen 12” panel
  • NC – Controlled infeed guide
  • Pre – milling unit “RT/F”
  • NC – Controlled “RF S/S” Rough trimming/Bevel trimming unit
  • Spray cleaner unit
  • NC – Controlled Glue scraping unit
  • NC – Controlled Corner rounding unit “Syncro Plus” (Fravol’s patent)