Fravol, in collaboration with Jowat, has developed a unique glue spreading system. In the edgebanding machines Fravol, it is possible to use 3 different types of glue:

The Polyolefin glue has excellent technical features:

  • HEAT RESISTANCE. Meets high heat resistance requirements (e.g. kitchen furniture) due to a higher melting range at over 100 °C.
  • HIGH YIELD. The considerably reduced density of polyolefin hot melt adhesives facilitates low application amounts.
  • ZERO BONDLINE. The transparent appearance of the adhesive in the melt coupled with low appli- cation amounts facilitate a virtually invisible adhesive joint (“zero-bondline”).
  • STABILITY’: gli adesivi PO Hot Melt hanno una eccellente stabilità all’ossidazione termica che riduce il rischio carbonizzazione dell’adesivo e riduce gli interventi di manutenzione